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VAT Accountants Renfrew

Tax affects all of us and knowing what to pay and when is not always straightforward. Our team of tax accountants at McKellar Accountancy in Renfrew is here to ensure you understand all of the issues that can surround tax and guide you through the process.

Not all accountancy practices look at tax issues from the business owner’s point of view or consider how money can be efficiently extracted from that business to benefit you.
We do things differently. Our expert team of tax accountants will work with you to understand your objectives and provide comprehensive tax planning to suit these objectives and maximise profits available for distribution.

McKellar Accountancy are always on top of our game and up to date with the latest developments and legislation.

Preparation of Tax Returns for individuals, Partnerships and Companies

Tax planning and advice

VAT Return preparation,
submission and advice

P11d benefits in kind,
preparation and submission

R & D assistance and support

Non-Resident Landlord

Scottish Income Tax Rates

BandTaxable IncomeTax Rate
Starter rateOver £12,571 to £14,87619%
Scottish Basic RateOver £14,877 to £26,56120%
Intermediate rateOver £26,562 to £43,66221%
Higher rateOver £43,663 to £75,00042%
Advanced rateOver £75,001 to £125,14045%
Top rateAbove £125,14048%

Self Assessment – Do I need to complete a Tax Return?

The main reason you would be required to complete a return would be because you are self-employed. However, there are many other reasons for being required to complete one. For example, if you earn money that hasn’t already been taxed, your State Pension was more than your Personal Allowance or you didn’t pay enough tax in previous years, and these are not the only other reasons!

We have vast experience of helping all our clients with submitting their self-assessments, taking into account their own individual situations, and providing a stress free service to remove our clients worries.

Who needs to pay VAT?

Currently, businesses with a taxable turnover of over £90,000 in a 12 month rolling period must register for VAT. This includes both Sole Traders and Limited Companies. However, if your turnover is under £150,000, there are VAT Scheme options available to you.

VAT Accountant – Do I need one?

VAT can be very confusing for many different reasons. There are different VAT rates for different sales, services and purchases. Some are also exempt, whilst others aren’t. Trying to figure it all out and getting your VAT return correct can be very stressful and dangerous to get wrong. As submitting an incorrect VAT return can result in serious fines from HMRC along with other issues.

Why worry about all this when you can get in touch with McKellar Accountancy. Our experienced team can ensure that you are getting the most out of VAT with our staff experts ready to answer your queries and easy to use software to help you stay in control!

We provide a tailored experience to all clients, with help and support for all clients, regardless of your experience.

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